The idea behind SnapDat™ began at a dinner in New York in late December 2007 with the annoyance of a misplaced business card. The card was ultimately located a couple months later, but in the meantime, we searched for a better way to share contact information while on the go. We wanted to find a solution that allowed people to send and receive contact information directly from their mobile device, but not at the expense of personal style. We still wanted to retain all the graphical qualities of an actual business card - - only this time, do it digitally. When we couldn’t find a good solution, we decided to create our own.

With SnapDat™, there’s no business card to lose. There’s not a pile of cards staring you in the face waiting to be entered into your address book. SnapDat™ contact sharing starts & finishes where it belongs - - - directly on your mobile phone.

SnapDat™ Networks, Inc is a privately held company located in New York, NY.