Privacy Policy

SnapDat™ understands you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy seriously. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and the information of others that you keep in your phone. What Privacy Features Does SnapDat™ offer?


SnapDat™ is an opt-in service. Each user chooses to share the contact information they desire. Users may terminate their SnapDat™ service at any time.

Privacy Settings

By default, each SnapCard™ is “Private”, which prevents recipients from forwarding your card to others. If desired, you can always toggle off this feature by designating any or all of your SnapCards™ as “Public”.

You also have the ability to accept or reject SnapCard™ sent to you from other users. Other users will not know which cards you accept or reject.

Encrypted Transmissions

SnapDat™ uses encryption for all SnapCard™ communications between mobile devices. This protects your privacy & ensures your data reaches only its intended party.

Multiple Authentications

When setting up your SnapDat™ account, you will choose a unique password. This password is required should you ever setup SnapDat™ on a new phone. In addition, we’ve designed an extra layer of security by restricting your login information to your authorized device.

Privacy Policy

SnapDat™ makes its Privacy Policy (links to next section) available to users on their phone, the SnapDat™ Web site, or via email.

Questions? Comments? Let us know by emailing us at

Privacy Tips

1. Send Your SnapCard™ only to those whom you want to have your information

2. Keep your SnapCard™ marked as “Private” if you do not want it forwarded to others

3. Use discretion when forwarding SnapCards™

Most times the card owner will appreciate your effort to get their information to others, but this is not always the case. Use your best judgment.

4. Report inappropriate behavior or offensive content

Help us keep SnapDat™ useful. We've built SnapDat™ to encourage good behavior from its users, but unfortunately some members may still find ways to abuse the service. If you find material that is offensive or find that a member of the service is acting inappropriately, please email us at

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