What is SnapDat™?

SnapDat™ is an entirely fresh approach to exchanging mobile contact data. To start, we’ve made mobile contact sharing Simple & Fast. Just launch, select & send. That’s it. Receiving contact info in SnapDat™ is even easier...

And unlike other contact sharing apps, SnapDat™ includes 40 custom SnapCard™ designs so you can always convey your information in a style that’s appropriate to the exchange. Even more, SnapDat™ provides contact management & integration with the iPhone Address book. And best of all, SnapDat™ is currently offered for free!

What is a SnapCard™?

A SnapCard™ is our unique version of the digital business card within SnapDat™. You can create as many as you need. SnapCards™ allow you to profile your contact info for any future social or professional interaction. Just pick your contact data, apply a design & save. Your SnapCards™ are always at the ready at launch, so all you have to do is Select & Send!

What is a SnapID?

A SnapID is literally your “address” on the SnapDat™ system. It’s basically our version of a user name. It’s what others use to send you their SnapCard™. Likewise, when you want to send a SnapCard™, just ask for the recipient’s SnapID & send.

How do I get a SnapDat™ ID?

We’ve made it very easy. When you first open the application, you choose your SnapID and password. Just make sure to select a SnapID that’s easy & memorable.

Can I send my SnapCard™ to people who don’t have SnapDat™ installed on their phone?

Yes. We’ve made SnapDat™ as open as possible. In many situations the recipient will not have SnapDat™, so we’ve created the “No SnapDat™” option - which allows you to send any SnapCard™ as a vCard attachment. Simply enter an email address and send. vCards are supported by multiple phones - - and we’ll even send the text of your contact information as well as an image of your custom SnapCard™. If your contact is running SnapDat™, just enter their SnapID & they’ll get your SnapCard™ right away, fully rendered in exactly the style and graphics you used to design it. The recipient does NOT need to register for any service to view your contact information” after the sentence We’ve made SnapDat™ as open as possible. In many situations the recipient will not have SnapDat™, so we’ve created the “No SnapDat™” option - which allows you to send any SnapCard™ as a vCard attachment.

On which phones can I install SnapDat™?

SnapDat™ is currently available for the Apple iPhone and Touch platforms.

Remind me again, how is this different than just sending a vCard?

Whereas vCards are text-based in nature, SnapCards™ are graphically rich digital cards that can be customized for each occasion and personality.

Does SnapDat™ work with the iPhone address book?

Yes! SnapDat™ integrates with the iPhone address book. Whenever you receive & save a new SnapCard™, a new entry is automatically created in the address book. You don’t have to do anything! It’s automatic.

I don’t always want to share the same information every time. Can I create more than one SnapCard™ for myself?

Yes, we’ve designed SnapDat™ so that you can create multiple SnapCards™. This is how you control what information you send and to whom. For example, create a “VIP” card with all your contact info & a profile picture to use when for family & close friends. Alternatively, create a “Just-my-Cell” SnapCard for those instances where you only want to share a small amount of contact info. Create & Save as many as you need so that they’re always at the ready when you meet someone new. You can even edit them on the fly by removing or adding data just before you send.

Do I have to be in the same location as the other person with whom I’m exchanging SnapCards?

No. You can snap someone in Hong Kong or in the same room….it works just the same!

Can I forward a SnapCard™ I’ve received to another person?

Yes, but only if the sender provided you a “Public” SnapCard™. By default, all SnapCards™ are private, so you never have to worry about someone forwarding on your information to other people. If, however, you want people to be able to send your SnapCard™ to others, simply send them a “Public” version of your SnapCard™. Anyone whose business relies on referrals should consider using at least 1 public card.

Is SnapDat™ really free?


No, seriously is it really free? Surely, there must be a catch.

It’s really free. We’ll be offering premium features in the future that you can purchase but only if you like. And please don’t call us Shirley.

What is the SnapDirectory?

The SnapDirectory allows you to quickly browse, search and sort all the SnapCards™ that you’ve collected.

What is the SnapPort?

The SnapPort is where you go to receive SnapCards™ that have been sent to you. If someone snaps you, just go to the SnapPort to take action on his/her card. If they’re snapping you from a remote location, an indicator badge on the SnapPort tab will indicate how many SnapCards™ are waiting for you.

Can I make a phone call and send an email or text message directly from the SnapDat™ application?

Yes. Just select a card in Snap Directory and you’ll have all kinds of options. Phone, SMS, Maps, Email, & Safari Browser.

I’ve lost or bought a different cell phone. Did I lose all my SnapCards™?

No problem. Just install SnapDat™ on your new phone, login, follow our quick identity verification process, and all the SnapCards™ you’ve collected will be waiting for you.

How do I change my username and password?

You can change your password by going to the Settings tab. SnapID’s can only be changed by emailing us at

I forgot my password? What do I do?

Go to the “Forgot my Password” section in the initial registration screen.

How do I make sure my personal information is kept private?

Your trust is paramount. As such, your information will be kept on our secure servers and we will not be sharing your personal information with any other third party without your permission. We also use encryption to protect your information anytime you send or receive a card. Click here to read our privacy policy.

If someone in my SnapDirectory changes their information, will his/her card be automatically updated with the change?

This feature is planned for a future version of the product